If I were to create a commercial for “Signature Towels” it would look something like this.

The commercial would be set on a warm spring day. The sky is clear and the sun is warm. Birds are chirping and there is a light breeze. We are at a lush green soccer field with freshly painted lines. The bleachers have just been set up and the nets are strung. Soccer season is starting and a new coach of a little league soccer team is teaching his team how to run with the soccer ball. The kids on the team are 10 years old. They are running up and down the field, occasionally kicking the ball out of the field. They are practicing for an hour before they decide to get a drink and cool off. The kids get hot sweaty from all the running, so the coach gives them each an identical towel to bring to each game. By the next practice the kids have all brought back their towels, but they have thrown them all over the bench. By break time no one knows whose towel belongs to whom. One soccer player decides to pick up a random towel; some of the other kids do the same. The kids start to fight, they start yelling “that’s my towel”. They try ripping the towels from each other’s hands. Its chaos. They fight until the coach eventually takes all the towels away. The coach is unsatisfied with the towel situation so he goes to from Signature Towels.com and orders the team a set of personalized towels. It’s the night of their first soccer game, the bleachers are full of spectators and the sun is hot. The coach brings them a surprise. He gives each child his own towel with their name on it. The kids are all ecstatic about their customised towels and now they won’t get there towels mixed up.

Thank you to Signature Towels.com for sponsoring this year’s Miss Teen Canada-World pageant! If you are looking for personalized towels sets check out Signature Towels.com!


xoxo Tara

Written by: Tara Mignon

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