Hey there!  I’m so excited to be able to share my story and experiences of the Miss Teenage Saskatchewan Pageant.  That was the weekend that I got to meet some of my best friends for life.  We were told going into the pageant that you will meet people and become friends forever, but I didn’t understand that till now.  The girls that were there changed my life, they’re stories and lives truly inspired me.  I went into the pageant thinking that I was up against young women who are used to and have had tons of experience in pageantry, and I was wrong.  Most young women who were there were there for the first time, which it was for Myself also.  I have lots of people say “I definitely didn’t picture you as the pageant girl” or “Wow, I was surprised to see you in the newspaper today” and this is what I consider my pageant story; I was invited through my school to go listen to Sierra Bearchell, Miss Universe Canada, that was speaking on body image at our local conference centre.  Once listening to Sierra’s amazing, eye-opening story, I decided to look more into the Miss Teenage Canada pageant and decided to apply, thinking that, this site probably hasn’t been updated in years, since i haven’t ever heard of pageants in Canada.  After getting an email back asking if I was available for a Skype interview, I was excited and stunned after getting accepted to attend the provincial pageant because I’m honestly an athlete more than anything… until now.  At the pageant I made friends with everyone there, everyone was so friendly and accepting.   We all talk, LOTS, and when it works out we try to meet up and go dress shopping or even go to different events together.  After the pageant and getting my title, Miss Teenage Southern Saskatchewan, I have done lots of events like hosting my own Steak Night Fundraiser and attending dance recitals for our local studios.  I am also going to be on a float in our town’s Canada Day parade and help out with the activities that day.  I am currently preparing for the Miss Teenage Canada National Pageant by helping out my community and paying it forward.  I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of Nationals, and appreciate all the support and help that everyone has given me throughout this amazing journey.  I dedicate this whole experience to my mom and grandpa, love you guys so much, I hope I have made you guys proud!

All of my girls <3

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