On Saturday, July 13 all the Saskatchewan delegates and I hopped on a plane bright and early to Toronto for a journey that would forever change our lives.

Day 1

Once we arrived in Toronto we were greeted by two of our chaperones, Mark and Hazel. They named themselves Snooki and JWow. We all piled onto the shuttle and were taken to our hotel where we met the director of the pageant, Michelle and Christi. We were then taken to our hotel rooms where we met our roommates. My roommate was named Selena Wand and she’s from Ontario. They did an amazing job of choosing our roommates because Selena and I became fast friends. Later that evening we went to our welcome night where we met all the other lovely delegates and some of our sponsors. It was a great night mingling with 65 beautiful girls from across Canada.

Day 2

We woke up bright and early for a breakfast buffet in the hotel. Then we all got our hair and makeup done for our interview and photo-shoot. I was most nervous about the interview, but the judges were really friendly and eased my nerves. There was a lot of waiting around but it gave us the chance to get to know the girls better. It was a long day and we didn’t get back to our hotel room until midnight.

Day 3

The next day we were up 4am for our first media appearance. We were going to appear on Breakfast Television! The host asked a few of the girls to share an interesting fact about themselves or their hometown. One girl could speak 7 languages and another only had 34 people living in her town. It was a cool experience. After breakfast we were off to the CN tower. It was tons of fun and we were sure to take lots of pictures. After that we had a scavenger hunt in the Distillery District. It’s a cute area full of little shops and art exhibits. We were very lucky to have Costa Blanca sponsor us with $50 gift cards! So after our scavenger hunt we went to Costa Blanca to do some shopping! After that we then went to our second media appearance on MUCH MUSIC LIVE! It was so much fun. We met Lauren Toyota and seen behind the scenes at Much Music! It was an amazing but tiring day!

Day 4

Once again we woke up bright and early to have breakfast at Grenadier Café. After that we headed down to Union Fitness for a yoga class! It was a great way to start the day. We then went back to the hotel for rehearsals with the talented Shawn Cuffie where he started to teach us our swimwear number! We were very lucky to have Garage sponsor us with $50 gift cards so it was back to the mall for some shopping. We then went to the food court for supper. Then it was back on the bus to the hotel. Our bus drivers name was Harv. We had a ton of fun singing and dancing on the bus. We ended naming the bus “ClubHarv” because we always had so much fun on his bus!

Day 5

The next day we headed to the Toronto Zoo to see the pandas! They were so cute! After the zoo we headed back to the hotel for more rehearsals and a presentation from S-Trip! We even received an S-Trip swag bag! Later we went to Medieval Times which is the coolest restaurant where you watch knights compete in a tournament of jousting and other events. You ate with your hands! It was truly a medieval experience!

Day 6

Today we got to sleep in! Then we had breakfast for a day of rehearsals and practicing for the preliminary competition that would be held later that evening. We also met Luke Bilyk from Degrassi! He was really nice and we all got pictures with him. But it was funny because weren’t wearing any makeup and most of us looked like we just got out of bed! But it’s ok because we still met him and had a fun time.  At preliminaries you walk the runway in your swimsuit and evening gown. This decides the top 20.  I was excited to wear my evening gown for the first time. Preliminaries went well. I had lots of fun and everyone look beautiful in their evening gowns!

Day 7

Today was another day of sleeping in. It was a relaxed day full of rehearsals. That evening was the talent gala where I would perform my talent routine. All the girls got dressed up and went down to the gala where we had dinner and watched the talents perform. I did a baton routine that I made myself. It went amazing and I was very happy with my performance. I even got chosen in the top 3 talents and I would perform again at the pageant! I was so excited and proud as there were tons of girls with amazing talents. After the talent portion of the gala we got to visit with our families. It was a wonderful night.

Day 8

This was the last day of our journey. We went to the Queen Elizabeth Theater to rehearse the entire pageant. We then got our hair and makeup done and got ready for the show. Before you knew it, it was show time! I was excited and nervous at the same time. I didn’t make top 20 but I did my best and all the girls that made it deserved it. My talent went perfectly and I was very proud to have performed with the top 3 in talent. It was an amazing night and I’m so happy to say that Jill Martin from Saskatchewan won the title of Miss Teen Canada-World 2013! I’m so proud of her! After the show we headed back to the hotel for our final night with all the girls. I’ve had such an amazing time. It was a life changing experience and I’ve made so many new friends. I’ll never forget this experience and I’m so happy that I entered this pageant. I still have my title as Miss Teen Southern Saskatchewan so I will continue to make appearances at local events!

Written by: Tara Mignon

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