What is a green building?  A green building is a building that’s construction and operation assure the healthiest possible environment while using land, water, energy and resources in the most efficient way possible.

Tiocoat flat roof solutions is a great energy efficient product to help make green buildings. The Toronto based company makes a high-strength elastomeric coating that provides 89% reflectivity of solar radiation, which will significantly reduce the buildings energy needs. Not only does it cut the energy cost, it protects the roof for longer roof life cycles.

Regina’s hospitals are going green!

white roof in Regina, green roof solutionThe Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region has introduced energy efficient technologies in the Regina General Hospital and the Pasqua Hospital. This has led to an 11% energy reduction. To achieve these savings they got assistance from the Energy Innovators Initiative (EII) who encourages businesses to cut costs and become more energy efficient. A number of changes were made to make the hospitals’ boilers more energy efficient. One of the original high-pressure steam boilers at Regina General Hospital was replaced, and high-efficiency burners and multi-element controls were installed. These upgrades are reducing energy costs by about $41,382 per year. The Health Region has also installed a cogeneration pilot project to produce electricity from natural gas while capturing the exhaust heat and redirecting it for hot water use at the Regina General Hospital. Also by improving lighting, fans and building control systems to more energy efficient products they have cut their energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by another 20%. These are just a few ways Regina’s hospitals have started to go green.

Written by: Tara Mignon

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