The largest capital building in Canada is located in little old Regina, Saskatchewan! The Saskatchewan Legislative building is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Regina and is a symbol of democracy and provincial pride. It is also a national historical site! Less than a year after Saskatchewan became a province, planning of the Legislative building began, followed by a competition for who would design the building. Construction of this amazing landmark began in 1908 and was completed in 1912. The original plans specified that red brick would be used for the exterior, but the Premier at the time, Walter Scott; decided that Lime stone should be used instead. The cream colored stone is one of the Legislatives building’s most distinguishable features. The legislative building was designed in a beaux-arts style, which was a popular architectural design of that era. The floor plan is shaped like a Latin cross with an amazing dome in the intersection of the cross. The area around the building has been developed into a beautiful park that attracts hundreds of tourists each year. The park consists of a spectacular flower garden, tennis courts, fountains and it overlooks Wascana Lake. Many local events are held at the Legislative grounds, such as the Canada Day festivities, charity events, and even weddings! The Legislative grounds are one of the most urban parks in North America.

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Written by: Tara Mignon

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