Since winning my title I have been touring Southern Saskatchewan talking to people and it became quite evident that there are many misconceptions about the Miss Teen Canada Pageant (, so here goes a little history lesson about this fabulous pageant that I am competing in.  The list of names of those whom have held the title of Miss Teen Canada ( dates back to 1969.  For the first three years to 1971, it was known as Miss Teenage Canada (, and was renamed Miss Teen Canada ( in 1972.  The pageant was a beauty and personality competition for Canadian female teens ages 14 to 17, sponsored by A&W Drive Ins and owned by Cleo Productions.  My mother fondly recalls watching the Miss Teen Canada pageant ( on CTV television, especially the year 1975 when Regina’s own, Katherine Eckel, was awarded the coveted crown.  In those days, beauty pageants were reserved for those with primarily outer beauty – Barbie doll figures and sex appeal.  As the seasons changed, so did the way women were viewed in society.  Through the 1980s, the Canadian women’s movement (feminism) in Canada matured.  Attitudes began to change, and women were viewed as having equal rights to men, and as valuable contributors and leaders.  Coincidentally, in 1990, financial concerns forced Cleo Productions to close the Miss Teen Canada contest down.  Beauty pageants for teens, however, did continue in the United States through the 1990s.  Canadian born Michelle Weswaldi

who was one of the first Canadians to compete in, and win, beauty pageants in the USA, won the title of Miss Canada World in 1996.  Michelle envisioned the production of a Canadian teen competition for female youth that would “surpass all existing Canadian pageants”, and in 2008 MTC-W Inc. was launched promoting the ideal of “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”.  Several teen pageants exist again in Canada today but Miss Teenage Canada (, formerly Miss Teen Canada-World (, is the largest teen pageant in all of Canada, and the stepping stone for the Miss Teen Universe pageant in Nicaragua.  It is the only pageant whose delegates are selected by holding provincial pageants across Canada.  MTC-W Inc. has a vision to revolutionize pageants by providing opportunities to celebrate the holistic beauty of young women – mind, body and soul; a reflection of herself as an individual with the power to change the world for the better; and providing her with fundamental tools to achieve her dreams.  Every little girl dreams of being a princess and I am no exception.  After meeting Camille Munro, Miss Canada-World 2013, I knew instantly that I wanted to apply for Miss Teenage Canada (!  Winning the title of Miss Teenage Southern Saskatchewan has already been a life-changing experience and now I am only days away from my greatest

adventure!  In 2014, Miss Teen once again meets AnW, except this time it has nothing to do with the fast-food franchise or its famous root beer.  Amanda Noel Walsh (that’s me) will join 60 teenage girls from across Canada to compete in the national Miss Teenage Canada pageant ( in Toronto from July 19th – 27th.

Winning Miss Teenage Canada would provide me with more opportunities to change the lives of children and youth living in poverty.  I want to motivate our youth to believe in themselves and to instil in them trust that they can succeed in  their dreams and goals regardless of their financial status or popularity.  I want to give confidence to those who are scared to follow their dreams; to take a leap of faith and go for it.

If chosen Miss Teenage Canada 2014, I would promote my title through community leaders, worldwide organizations, community events, radio, local news, and social media.  I would tour the world and speak publicly to create awareness of the importance of arts and culture to the fundamental development of a child, fundraise for children’s charities such as Free The Children, and visit hospitals and newcomer gateways to touch the lives of families struggling with poverty and illness.  I would visit schools and girls clubs and help them embrace the ideal of “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”.  I would share the power of music and creativity with struggling teens opening their minds to the expression of emotions through art, without violence or drugs.  I would host events such as mini pageants to provide an opportunity for children from different cultures to interact with each other in a fun, safe environment while learning about the mission of pageants such as Miss Teenage Canada.  I would continue to promote arts and culture programming for children and youth to encourage increased participation and leadership for new generations.

So Dare to Dream girls!  Follow your heart and pursue your dreams because dreams really do come true – I am living mine!

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